Upcoming Events

  • Oct 30th
    Packet Pick-up
  • Oct. 30th
    Zoom Halloween Ball (4:00pm)
  • Oct. 30th 
     Zoom Assembly
  • Nov 26th & 27th  
    Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)
  • Dec 7th - 11th 
    Benchmark week

New Horizons School

We are a private, independent school founded in 1988. We were the first school in California to use the Workshop Way educational system. The children are grouped and all academics are individualized. All teachers have been trained in Workshop Way Methods. Our teachers are a great team, responsibility, caring, friendly and enthusiastic! Teachers meet to plan and share ideas with each other. We create a social environment where a child feels comfortable, safe and happy. Our most important goal is a child’s healthy self-esteem. We do not push a child beyond their skill level nor do we hold them back from learning. We are students of how children learn. We praise children for their human skills of taking a risk, honesty, being willing to learn, independence, and initiative. We create an environment that encourages a child to explore and learn. We teach in multiple modalities to emphasize all learning styles.


School Contact Info 






2929 Peralta Blvd, Fremont, CA                         

Hours of Operation

6:30am - 6:30pm