New Horizons School

Extra Curricular

Mad Science


January 10th - February 28th 


Success Chess
February 8th - May 24th 

Robotics Club


April 26 -

June 13


Mad Science of the Bay Area! After School Enrichment Programs! Hands-On Lessons

Energy Burst: Children explore the energy of motion. They pop, jump and flip with hopping, swimming and swinging toys. They check out the kinetic energy in rubberband-wound gadgets and reach their potential with the Catapult Take-Home. 

Radical Robots: Children become wrapped up in the world of robotics! Volunteers act out a robot, remote control device and an automaton. Children control an automaton through sound and make a soccer riobot score a goal! They build their own robot hand. 

New Horizons Chess Class
Students will learn how to do the following:
-Develop better strategy
-Become tactically stronger
-Stay sharp with online puzzles

Students will enjoy low student-teacher ratios, play tournament games, as well as earning trophies and prizes. 

Robotics With EV3
Kids learn to design, biuld and program their robot in small collaborative teams and get hands on experience with EV3. They get to work with infrared, touch, color sensor. Small Class and team size ensures every kid gets adequate attention and resources to work with. Each team gets its own laptop and EV3 kit for the class. Come join the adventure!!