Tech Campaign

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Our students at New Horizons Schools are passionate about using and
engaging in technology-based learning. They are learning to be innovators,
collaborators and problem solvers.  However, our students and staff are looking to
embrace more technology in their classrooms.
Technology-based tools like apps, e-books, virtual tutoring, websites, and more allow
our students to learn at their own pace, personalizing their education. How? These
tools adjust to a student’s learning style to best meet her or his unique learning needs.
They also offer consistent guidance for students where teachers can continuously
check the status of projects and allow immediate access to instructor feedback.
Teachers will be able to guide students in new and different directions for learning
while making instruction more efficient.
The importance of access to technology goes beyond knowing how to type and use a
mouse. Technology helps today’s students develop skills like critical thinking,
independent research, and collaboration and more-- all of which are important in
preparing our students for future careers. With your contributions, we will provide our
students with the tools they need to prepare for their future.
With our current computer and tablet inventory teachers are unable to employ
technology to their fullest potential in their classrooms. With your support we would add
30 Chromebooks to our computer library for classes to utilize. You
would significantly increase our students’ access to more innovative learning.