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Workshop Way

New Horizons School uses a unique educational system called Workshop Way®, which recognizes learning differences and uses multiple teaching styles in teaching children. Reading and math lessons are individualized. Phonics, critical thinking, and emotional balance are incorporated into the curriculum. For detailed information about Workshop Way®, go to A brief description of the Workshop Way®, obtained from the Workshop Way® website, follows.
Workshop Way® is a way for teachers to create a new inner environment for each student which becomes a new source of "brain power" and a new source of courage for students to use the mind at a risk, even to the degree for one to be willing to make mistakes while learning. The nature of the "willingness" contains an ability to continue to feel intelligent while making the mistakes. Workshop Way® gives students (K-8) power to grow towards a positive self concept.
The new environment is a state of "intellectual safety" derived from the convictions and attitudes of students about their worth as human begins who can learn, think, talk, and grow. It includes the belief that no one or no "thing" outside of the self can take away this good feeling about themselves and the belief that all human beings have worth in their being and in their human powers and human skills, regardless of any knowledge they possess or do not possess at any given time.
Out of the condition of "intellectual safety" there flows a feeling of inner security which nourishes self confidence and self discipline. Inner security and "intellectual safety" are factors which nourish emotional health because they are basic to a healthy inner drive. The same factors are basic for individual growth in learning to learn and think, two abilities that are unique to human beings. Students in a country where the law requires them to spend ten years in classrooms have the right to mental and emotional health as early as possible in their education. The philosophy and psychology of this program change the procedures used to teach subject matter into process for learning and thinking. In the process, priority is given to the development of human powers (sense and human faculties), human skills (abilities, courage, initiative, independence in work habits, honesty, self-confidence, responsibility, and willingness to risk), and favorable attitudes towards living.
That is why knowledge skills and mutual respect are outcomes of the process. That is why students are able to release amounts of learning power that lack of human development keeps hidden for many years for many children. There are three power factors in the Workshop Way® Learning Process: time, materials and strategies. If teachers want to reach 100% of their students, they need to know all about these "power factors:" They need to know 1) what these power factors are; 2) how to use them; and 3) why they are so essential. Hence, the concept of Workshop Way helps teachers create a dynamic atmosphere for human development they can see happening.